District Leadership Communications

I was recently asked as to the reason for the change or addition of a District level web portal? To be blunt, it is to provide more options for better unit communications.

As I was taking over the role of district chairman, the number one response I received when I would ask about their workings with the council was the lack of clear communications or none at all. Most unit leaders felt that they had no idea of what was going on outside of their own units. So as I found out, most unit leaders are unaware of the district committees, so I am taking small steps to better inform the units that they have some options other than calling the council and getting frustrated. I believe we have some of the most dedicated and involved adult leaders that all want the same outcome of providing the best we can for young boys and girls to be Scouts. When provided the tools to meet, plan, and schedule between our personal commitments and family, then all our Scouts will benefit.

This is just one small bite of the elephant and I am focused on improving the district especially in the leader networking opportunities, which is key. We are looking to host some quarterly leader training in various locations in our district, that will help to fill some of the gaps in leader training, but the key will be the face to face networking. We are looking toward a Saturday morning with refreshments (coffee, tea, coco) where all are welcome to come, so stay tuned.

I believe that all Scouting is local and regardless of what takes place above the districts, units are meeting, Scouts are having fun, I just want to make it fun for the adults as well.

Please provide any feedback or advice to improve the process, and we will work together to make it so.



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