Introducing Internet Advancement 2.0

Update your advancement records using your My.Scouting login!

Great news for unit leaders who use the Internet Advancement system to track their Scouts' advancements.

Internet Advancement 2.0 is here! Built on the backbone of Scoutbook, this new system gives units who are not using Scoutbook an improved online user experience.

Some great features include: Bulk advancement import functionality for folks coming in via other products to minimize double-entry for themAdvancement Quick EntryScout Shop Advancement Report Generation Supports the strategy of having one portal to manage everything a Unit Leader needs to do

Internet Advancement 2.0 can be accessed through Legacy Tools on or Information can only be entered by the Key-3 (Unit Leader, Committee Chair, and Charter Rep.) or the Key-3 Delegate as assigned on

The old Internet Advancement system will be discontinued in the very near future.

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