Learn how to deal with Hazardous Weather

The recent Cape Cod storms are a reminder to all of us about our primary responsibility to our scouts, and that is to keep them safe. The July storm struck within miles of Camp Greenough scout camp in Yarmouth Port (&, thankfully, all are safe). Another camp in Illinois was ravaged by storms, this week, as well (again, all safe). Would you be prepared in the event that your unit was caught in that kind of hazardous weather?

Thankfully, there is training available from BSA that deals with many weather situations - namely, Hazardous Weather Training. In fact, since April 30, 2018 (see BSA page), all new direct contact leaders must complete Hazardous Weather Training to be considered position trained. Note that this training isn't just for new scouters: Any direct-contact leader (i.e., den leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster/Asst. SM, etc.) taking youth into the outdoors needs to take this training.


You can take the Hazardous Weather training module in the Expanded Learning/Program Safety section of the BSA Learning center. (Instructions on how to access BSA learning are here - You can also access through your my.scouting,org "My Dashboard").

Hazardous Weather training must be renewed every two years.

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