NYLT at Norse Cancelled

Narragansett council has decided to shutdown the NYLT Course at Camp Norse, scheduled to continue today.

Narragansett Council has been speaking to health officials about the safety of scouts.

The biggest concern that Health Officials had was that we would be bringing scouts both Staff & Participants together from two states and multiple schools and they feel that could be a  potential issue.

So here are the options that we can offer you for NYLT:

1. We can transfer you to the June Course at Cachalot that runs from Saturday June 27th to Thursday July 2nd.

2. We can transfer you to the August Course at Yawgoog that runs from Monday August 17th to Saturday August 22nd

3. We can offer a full refund.

4. You can also stay registered for the NYLT Norse Course in 2021.

5. We are also looking to move the Norse NYLT Course to later in the year after the virus has died down possibly in the Fall

Again I apologize for the short notice but this is a very fluid situation.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at

Barry Pond

Narragansett Council Course Advisor



Matt Goudreau

Narragansett Council Staff Advisor


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