Yawgoog Scout Reservation | 2020 Summer Camp Update

Message sent from Yawgoog Scout Reservation Director Thomas Sisson to the unit leaders who are registered to attend Yawgoog Scout Reservation in summer 2020: In light of the COVID-19 outbreak we at Yawgoog would like to give you the following updates: The April 20th deadline for the hat incentive has been extended until May 20th. We understand that it is difficult to collect deposits and payments for camp when Troops are not meeting and perhaps parents are temporarily out of work. In the event you deposit for more hats than you have Scouts attending, we will not penalize troops for doing so. The deadline to add scouts to your order will also be extended to June 10th. In the event Yawgoog does not open or has a shortened season due to COVID-19 and your Troop is unable to attend, any monies paid for camp fees will be refunded. Those units that took part in the hat incentive program will still receive that hats. At Camp, our Rangers are still working hard to get camp ready for the summer season. Water is being turned on, buildings are being stained, campsites are being repaired along with all the routine maintenance that is done every spring. We are rebuilding two latrines, modeling from the latrine we completed last year, to single use. Our plan is to eventually re-purpose all our latrines in this way. Our new dining hall is coming along on schedule. Hopefully you have seen the photos we have posted on Facebook and Instagram. Our Camp Directors have been working hard and continue to hire the very best staff available to provide the outstanding program that Yawgoog has offered for the past 104 years. We are not slowing down when it comes to getting ready for summer camp. For many years we have had many policies in place to minimize the possibility of a communicable disease like this from spreading through camp. Because each new threat is different from the last, we continuously update those policies and procedures. As camp gets closer and we can put COVID-19 behind us we will review those policies and procedures. This may entail help from units even before you arrive at camp. Please keep a close eye on our website as this is the best avenue for us to give you the very latest in updates to Yawgoog and Summer camp. In the meantime, we bid you and your family good health and stay well. Yours in Scouting, Tom Sisson Reservation Director Yawgoog Scout Reservation

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